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Our Team

When you receive care from Caring Hands Home Care, you are supported by a large group of people.

Our team is committed to providing high-quality home healthcare services and daily life assistance to clients facing ageing and general health difficulties.

We are not a staffing agency, but rather a care team.

We all work together to provide the best possible care to our customers, whether it’s an administrator answering the phone at the office, a carer administering a bath, or a nurse examining medical records.

Speak with our Care Team about your need for services in Florida or the nearby areas.


Compassionate Teamwork

Collaborative Environment: At Caring Hands Home Care, every team member, from administrators to nurses, plays a vital role. We foster a collaborative environment where each contribution is valued, creating a fulfilling work experience.

Making a Difference

Impactful Work: Join us to make a real difference in the lives of those facing ageing and health challenges. Our team provides essential services that improve our clients' quality of life, offering a sense of purpose and job satisfaction.

Professional Growth

Career Advancement Opportunities: We are deeply committed to the professional development of our staff. By joining our team, you gain access to extensive learning opportunities, skill enhancement programs, and promising pathways for career advancement in home healthcare.

Faces Behind
Caring Hands Home Care, LLC

Pierre Beague & Mireille Cherisol

Pierre Beague and Mireille Cherisol represent the heart of Caring Hands Home Care, LLC. Pierre, a licensed RN, BSN, and LPN, founded the company with a mission to offer exceptional, personalized care to clients. As the CEO, Mireille, with her DNP, FNP, and NP-C qualifications, upholds the company's standard by consistently delivering top-tier, patient-centered care that enriches lives and promotes well-being. Together, they embody the dedication and quality that Caring Hands is known for.

Our Happy Clients!

Pierre took care of my mom, and he was amazing! He loved her as if she was his own mother and my whole family knew she was in good hands with Pierre. We will all forever hold a special place in our hearts and our family for Pierre and the AMAZING work he does Thank you, Pierre, we love you!!
Dyan Cole
Pierre cared for my mom a lot. Our entire family was so thankful to have the pleasure of working with Pierre. He was extremely compassionate and personable. I cannot say enough about this skilled practitioner and wonderful human being. 5 stars goes out to Pierre and Caring Hands!​
Nancy Krane
I cannot thank Caring Hands Home Care enough for their exceptional service. The caregivers are compassionate. They have provided me with the utmost care and support, exceeding my expectations. Choosing Caring Hands Home Care was the best decision I made for my parents. ​
Megan Pugh