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Careers in Home Care

We give you the care, support and training you need to be the best caregiver you can be so that you can make a difference in the lives of others!
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The following are just a few of the career opportunities that you will find with us:

"Working at Caring Hands Home Care has been an incredibly rewarding journey for me. The supportive team environment and the company’s commitment to both clients and caregivers have allowed me to grow professionally while making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve."
Worker at Caring Hands
Sarah Thompson
Caregiver at Caring Hands Home Care


If you are fueled by your passion to empower people as they grow older to live their fullest and best life by sharing experiences and providing opportunities to explore and creating powerful connections, join our team.
Our mission is to create communities with purpose, devoted to ensuring residents continue to experience the lifestyle they are accustomed to, with engaging programs and amenities.
We believe that our community-based focus allows our residents to remain active members of society. Our collaborative approach with our residents and families encourages independence and fosters a purpose-driven lifestyle, guided by our values:


Residents, families and team members will have assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and truth of ESL.


Interpersonal relationships are fostered between residents, families, team members, and the greater community.


We are committed to creating extraordinary experiences for residents, their families, and team members.


We constantly look to new ideas and mechanisms to enhance the lives of residents, families and team members.

Benefits of Working for Caring Hands Home Care

  • Caregivers-first mentality. We do what it takes to show appreciation for your hard work.
  • Support. Our office team is involved in the day-to-day of clients and caregivers, and we will be there to support you any time.
  • Communication. We’ll make sure you know what to do, where to go and that you have what you need to perform your job successfully.
  • Training. Comprehensive training is provided before you care for any client.
  • Flexibility. We’ll do our best to provide flexible options that work with your schedule.
  • Fair, competitive pay and time off.

Frequently Asked Questions

A “caregiver” refers to a person who aids another in managing daily tasks and maintaining personal cleanliness. While friends and family can offer such care to a loved one, a “professional caregiver” possesses the training to provide specialized and individualized home care services, particularly beneficial for the elderly. These professional caregivers can offer support for varying durations, ranging from temporary (respite care) to long-term, encompassing 24/7 care. Additionally, they are capable of delivering personalized services in nursing homes and assisted living facilities for senior citizens.

We offer competitive compensation for home care jobs to ensure that we attract and retain skilled and dedicated caregivers. The exact pay depends on various factors including experience, qualifications, and the level of care required by the client.

Caring Hands Home Care provides numerous employment options for caregivers. The role of a companion care provider is the most prevalent, focusing on supplying older adults with social interaction and conversation. Additionally, positions are available for personal care providers and caregivers who have specialized knowledge or experience in specific areas such as Alzheimer’s care and dementia care.

Some caregiver positions may require certification such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Home Health Aide (HHA). Certification requirements can vary by state and by employer.

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